“Never stop dreaming,
never stop believing,
never give up,
never stop trying, and
never stop learning.”

- Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart -
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Stress Management

Stress is a major factor influencing productivity and efficiency of the business. Any business owner or senior manager who is serious about making sure the organisation it operating at the peak of its ability, must take into account detrimental effects of stress on the staff and management.

We run Stress Management bitesize workshops as an inexpensive way of introducing topic to the management and staff, as well as, longer Stress Management courses to ensure the all the employees can handle the workload without getting stressed out.

You can download the Introduction to Stress Management talk programme here.

Conflict Management

Low level conflict and discord amongst the staff and between the staff and the management are often neglected to the determent of the smooth running of the business.

We run bitesize workshops and training courses to highlight the negative effects of conflict at workplace and teach the staff and the management how to ensure the conflict don't happen in the first place and how to resolve them in such a way to improve the efficiency the organisation.

You can download the Introduction to Conflict Management talk programme here.

Shaping and improving Customer Services

Customer Services are both the face and the last defence of your organisation. That is why they are essential in creating and maintaining your reputation as well as generating new and return sales.

We offer audits, training and advice in creating first class Customer Services that will set your company apart from the competition.

Problems solving consultancy

If you have a problem that requires a solution, talk to us. When someone says "problem", we think "opportunity to improve". Working with you, your customers and other stakeholders, there is no challenge we cannot resolve.
Living with Illness

This is a workshop for people who suffered serious illness or injury that had life-changing impact. Very often, after such an illness or accident, people lose sight of their life goals and fall into the void of just surviving. Their world crashes around them and they can't find strength or opportunity to re-establish control and purpose.

Living with Illness is a workshop that will teach you how to reignite your zest for life and find a purpose, regardless of your current condition.

It is aimed at those who suffered illness or accident, as well as for those who care about them.

Introductory workshop with another 9 bitesize follow up workshops.

Workshops are run monthly in Ealing\Hanwell area from April 2018. Pre-booking is required, max 10 people per workshop, early booking recommended. Click here for more details

Office Computers - Security & Good practices consultancy and training

How do you protect your business and investment from digital theft and malicious, and potentially catastrophic loss of data?

Investing in layers of hardware and software security is something to be considered. However, weakest link in your suite of armour is, and will remain - the end user.

Regular training and education of your staff in Good IT Practices should not be an option but a must.

We offer 6-monthly or yearly staff training in Security and Good IT practices.

This in a simple and inexpensive way of ensuring your digital infrastructure is kept safe and functioning.

You can download the Introduction to Good IT Practices for office staff here.