Our training methods are effective, simple to learn and easy to apply

Most of the training courses run by other providers are based on the class-room style teaching with some role-play. They are cost effective for the provider and for the host company they are an easy way to fulfil their legal obligations.

And this style of training is ok when the staff needs to learn and memorise new data or acknowledge new information on an intellectual level.

If you yourself attended such training courses before, and you try recollect any of the specifics, most likely you will be able to remember just few points from the presentation. And none of those would be effective enough for you to change how you do business or behave towards pressures.  Usually, such changes come after long exposers to education or life and work experience.

When it comes to how we deal with pressures, stress or relate to other people (co-workers, staff, family and friends), changing our views, attitudes and conditioning, in a relatively short time period (few months), cannot be achieved only with role-play or classroom style training.

As an example, changing how we react to pressures requires a shift in our perception of the same, i.e. we need to stop seeing pressure as a threat and replace the perception to one of challenge and opportunity, regardless of the severity of the situation.

Drawing from my knowledge and experience of how people learn and acquire knowledge, and based on the best NLP practices, I have developed a training programme that does just that. 

Methods used are the best teaching practices acquired from across different fields of human learning and experience; simple to learn and easy to apply.

Usual training format is 50mins Introduction talk to the topic, followed up with six weekly bite-size workshops (1hr). This can be followed up with 3 monthly sessions of 30 min each to offer support and fortify the change in behaviour.

Using this format, the training and application of new life skills is maximised and the individual is equipped with knowledge on how to solidify the skills and implement them in his or hers working and private life.

The costs are low and each workshop is tailored to the end user's specific working environment so the effects are maximised.

Workshops are suitable for both the front-line and office staff as well as the management.

By all the standards, today's UK workforce is overworked and stressed.
When it comes to training, the existing models are not working.

Isn't it time to change the approach?

"The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises."

...Leo Buscaglia